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Hybrid Martial Arts - Kid Program Certificates

Hybrid Marital Arts

Little Tigers Program

Give your child the advantage they need to succeed in life.

Let Hybrid Martial Arts aid your child's development skills!

Confidence, Discipline, Self Control, Perseverance and Concentration.

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Hybrid Martial Arts - Kid Program

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Hybrid Martial Arts - Little Tigers

Our Philosophy

At Hybrid Martial Arts, we build kids up Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Socially and Spiritually.


Physically- thru exercise / strength conditioning and Parkour courses. 


Emotionally - We have developed a verbal response system that build up the student's emotions, through creeds, technique affirmations, and verbal feedback.


Socially - We help shape students through partner drills, team work exercises, co-op games, and light sparring drills.


Mentally - Our Martial Arts program is designed to help kids Problem Solve their way out of a situation. Then we guide them to the mindset they should have to make the best decision to solve that problem, and not react out of emotion or frustration. Our Mat Chats also aid in that development.


Spiritually - We teach ideals such as Discipline, Humility, Control, Respect and Confidence. These virtues are base upon Christian values.

Hybrid Martial Arts -Mat Chat
Hybrid Martial Ars - Kids Programs Little Tiger

Crafting Mindsets

Note from Sensei White;

Hey Parents,

Ever wonder why Sensei hands out snacks twice a week, at the end of class?

  • I have several reasons, other than seeing the smiles the students give me afterwards.

  • I am trying to instill in them an understanding of the Biblical and Universal Law of reaping and sowing.

  • I want them to link hard work and good behavior to a reward system.

  • I reinforce behavior with our Character building strips as well, but the Sensei's Snack System helps with more of an immediate adjustment.

When a student's behavior is not aligned with class expectations, they find out quickly on how they missed out on an opportunity because of the poor decisions they made during class.  And I want to teach them "thats how life works. "If you do your best and do what is done you will be rewarded." If you don't, then you will miss out on opportunity to get rewarded.

I use the Sensei Snack System to modify their behavior and encourage them to do better next time...
My heart gets crushed a little when they cry and admit that they misbehaved... But most often, I see an improvement in their decisions one or 2 classes later.

I believe I am one of the only martial arts school in south Florida who uses these methods. Even though the buying snack can get pricey, its all apart of the value I try to serve our parents and students who support our school. 

Grateful to have you all as apart of Tribe HMA. 

I hope the kids will never forget the most important lesson I can teach them...


 - Sensei Courtney White

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